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Plans and Specifications(E)



Plans and Specifications

Four-year Local Plan 

Local Plan 2016-2020

Local Plan Approval 2016-2020

Local Plan 2020-2023

Four Year Regional Plan

Northwest Regional Plan 2016-2020

Regional Plan Approval 2016-2020


Regional Plan 2020-2023

Work Specification

Work Specifications 2020-2021

Work Specifications 2020-2021

Approval of AP Work Specification 2020-2021

Job Specification Posted Workers 2020-21 (1)

Job Specification Posted Workers 2020-21 (2)

Job Specification Posted Workers 2020-21 (3)

Work Specifications 2019-2020

Work Specification 2019-20 Adults

Job Specification 2019-20 Displaced

Job Specification 2019-20 Youth

Job Specification 2019-20 Part 1

Second Modification AP 2019-2020

Presentation Letter 2019-2020

Presidents Certifications 2019-2020

Roster 2019-2020

Youth Programs 2019-2020

Work Specification Adults 2019-2020

Job Specification Displaced Workers 2019-2020

Work Specifications 2018-2019

Modification of Adult Workers 2018-2019

Modification of Displaced Workers 2018-2019

Modification of Young Workers 2018-2019

Work Specifications 2018-2019

Second Modification 2018 – 2019

Second modification to AP Work Specification 2018-2019

Continuation second modification 2018-19

First Modification March 2018

Approval of Work Specification 2018-19

Approval of modification 1 Work Specification 2018-19

Work Specifications 2017-2018

Work Specifications 2017-2018

Modification approval 2017-18

Second amendment to AP Work Specification 2017-2018

Modification NdWG_1

Modification Irma_1

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