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Meet our Center

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

  • Replaces the Law on Investment in the Workforce (WIA).
  • It entered into force on July 1, 2016.
It is a revitalized system that provides the participant with the information, assistance in the search for employment and the training needed to obtain and maintain a job.

General Objectives

    • To improve the services provided to the Clients, particularly those with Barriers, to have access to Employment, Education, Support and Training Opportunities needed to be successful in the Labor Market.
    • To raise the level of employment, retention and income of the participants.
    • To increase the knowledge and occupational skills of the working force.
    • To reduce the dependency on the governmental aids.
  • To provide the Employer, workers with the necessary Skills.

Single Management Center (CGU)

The Single Management Center is the integration of the physical structure, technological resources and human resources necessary to guarantee the provision of services aimed at obtaining and / or retaining a job.
We found the Fundamental Principles of the WIOA
  • Law Integration and Simplification of Services
  • Allows Access to System Customers:
    • Employers
    • Employees
    • Displaced Employees
    • Youth Managers
  • separately administer different programs, as part of a set of integrated services offered to the Client.
  • The Center must provide:
    • Career Services (Basic, Individualized and of Follow-up)
    • Training Services
    • Access to employment opportunities and training activities
    • Access to the Activities and the different Programs of the Partners of the Center
    • Labor Market and Labor Force Information

Partners of the Single Work Management CenterWIOA

    • Program – Title Adults, Displaced Workers and Youth Program Program.
    • Employment Service “Wagner Peyser”
        • Agricultural Program
        • RESE
        • Veteran Program
        • Student Services
      • Patron Relations, among others.
    • Department of Education
      • Adults and Literacy Education Program
    • Vocational Rehabilitation – Title I of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    • Family Department
        • TANF
      • Nutritional Assistance
    • Other programs
        • JobCorps
        • Pathstone
          • Migrants and Seasonal Workers
        • PathstoneNational Council On Aging Program – NCOA
        • Chapter V “Older American Act”
      • “Trade Adjustment Assisting Act” (TAA)
  • Social Action
      • Training and Employment Activities (Community Services Block Grant)
      • Municipal Housing DepartmentHUD Program
        • (Training and Employment)
    • Offender Reintegration
      • ProgramSection 212 – Second Chance Act 2007

Reception Area

Orientation on Services provided in the CGU
  • Solicitations
  • Reference to:
    • Center  of resources
    • Partenrs of WIOA
    • Employment technicians among other services.


  • Labor Market Information
  • Workshops
  • Preparation of Resume
  • Fax Usage
  • Access to Internet
  • Photocopies
  • Eligibility Determination and Evaluation Initial
  • Available Information:
    • List of Vacant Jobs
      • Information of Skills Needed to Obtain Vacant Employment
    • States of the Workforce and Labor Market
    • Occupations Demand
    • Execution Reports -Service Providers
    • Training Services Data
    • List of Eligible Providers Availability of Support Services or Support Services, Economic Incentives , Etc.
    • Information on Non-Traditional Jobs


  • Case Management
  • Specialized and specialized evaluation of levels of Skills and determination of Necessity of Services Group,
  • Individual and Occupational Counseling (Including Monitoring)
    • Career Counseling
  • Development of an Individual Work Plan
  • Service Support
  • Referred to Psychologists
  • Short Courses
    • Pre-Vocationals of Short Term
  • Experiences of Work and Internships
  • Workforce Readiness Activities
  • Financial Education Services
  • Replacement Services Assistance
  • English Language Learning integrated with an Educational Training Program

Follow-up services

  • These services:
    • Will be provided for participants who are placed in an unsubsidized job.
    • Will be offered up to a maximum of twelve (12) months of follow-up service after the first day of work.

Training Services

  • Training in Occupational Skills (Including NOT Traditional)
    • ITA Account (Individual Training Account)
  • Training in Employment (O.J.T.)
  • Training for Incumbent Workers
  • Increase in Skills and Readiness
  • Education for Adults and Literacy Activities
  • Training, among others

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