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¿About Us?

The Local Area of Labor Development Mayagüez-Las Marías is a Service Delivery Area that administers the funds of the Federal Law WIOA. Its activities are aimed at the development of the workforce and its Single Management System was designed to respond to the needs of employers, people in search of employment and those who wish to improve their professional career. Through its Unique Management Center / “American Job Center”, the Local Area is presented as a real alternative for employers to meet their recruitment needs through a varied bank of trained human resources with immediate availability.

Solutions at your Reach

We connect your Requirements for the Recruitment of Personnel, with the Human Resource Suitable to Cover the Needs of your Company

The Local Area of Labor Development Mayagüez – Las Marías works as an Employment Agency. We have at your disposal a wide and varied registry of human resources, prepared and available to face the Labor Market, from where you can select your personnel according to the needs of your company. We also offer you the option to market your job offer for the time you determine, until you find the right candidate for the position. In addition, you can use our facilities to conduct your job interviews.


Recruitment by Proposal

Through our Program Activities, you could qualify to recruit and / or train the staff you need with a salary grant of 50% up to 75%, for a set period of time. To participate, you must submit a Proposal to the Local Area. All activities are subject to the approval of your proposal and the availability of funds at the time of approval.

Training in Employment (OJT)

The employer will train production line personnel, supervisors and others while in paid employment.

The employer is reimbursed 50% up to 75% of the salary earned by the employee during the training period. The percentage approved will be according to the public policy established by the Local Board for this activity and the availability of funds.

The duration of this subsidy will depend on the occupation to be trained.

Training to Measure

Designed to meet the specific requirements of an employer or a group of employers;

It is carried out with the employer’s commitment that he will retain the participant in the job, once he completes the training successfully.

The employer pays:

A significant portion of the cost of training, as determined by the Local Board, taking into consideration the size of the employer and any other factors that the Local Board determines pertinent, which could include: number of employees participating in the training, salaries and benefits of those employees (at the beginning of the training and those who will receive the conclusion of the same), relationship of the training with the competitiveness of the participant and other opportunities for training and professional growth provided by the employer.

In the case of training to the extent that the employer is located in multiple local areas of the state (several locations), it will pay a significant portion of the training, as determined by the Governor, taking into consideration the size of the employer and any other factor that the Governor considers pertinent.

To access the documents to submit a proposal, click on the following link:

032 – Formulario Propuesta para Actividades en el Sector Privado (REV. MARZO 2017)

Deescripción de Presupuesto por OJT

Required Documents and Certificate

031 – Propuesta de Experiencia de Trabajo (REV. ABRL 2019)

Desglose de Presupuesto Exp. Trabajo e Internado

076-Lista de Documentos para Experiencia de Trabajo

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