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Local Board of Labor Development was created as an essential requirement for the Local Labor Development Area to receive funds under Title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (known by its English acronym WIOA). Section 107 of said law establishes the composition of the members of this Board, who, in their majority, are representatives of the Business or Private Sector. The Law contemplates that 20% of its members must belong to organizations that represent the Workforce, in addition to having representatives of entities that administer education and government sector activities, such as the Wagner Payser Program (Employment Service ), Vocational Rehabilitation, Institutions of Economic and Community Development.
In addition, section 107 of WIOA establishes the functions of the Local Board, among which is the establishment, in collaboration with the Board of Mayors, of public policies to adequately administer the funds received by the Local Labor Development Area (ALDL). Our ALDL provides services to the Municipalities of Mayagüez and Las Marías.
One of our main functions of the Local Board is to ensure that services are provided in accordance with the requirements established by the WIOA Act, 2 CFR Part 200 et al, Uniform Administrative Requirements Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards. Another essential function is to develop alliances and mechanisms that allow offering the services of the One Stop Career System to employers with the need to recruit personnel. This, as a measure to encourage and promote economic development in our local area. The Local Board shall, in turn, identify the occupations in demand of the area and certify the Service Providers that may offer the Career Services, Youth Program Elements and Trainings that will be available in the local area, so that these are in accordance with the needs of the businesses (employers) of our local area or the region to which we belong.
Section 107 (e) of WIOA / section 679.390, of the Final Regulation 20 CFR, establishes that the Local Board must publish, through electronic means, information related to meetings, plans, members of the JL, etc. In order to comply with the “Sunshine Provision”, the Local Labor Development Board has developed and developed this page. We hope that it is an instrument for our clients to have immediate access to the information and services available.
Promote excellence services aimed at satisfying the needs of clients and participants of the Local Area of Labor Development Mayagüez- Las Marías and the Region, through a system of Labor Innovation Services (CGU / AJC), in total alignment among all the programs that serve the clientele in search of employment opportunities, education and training, thus creating an environment of real employment and full customer satisfaction of our region.
To be a facilitator of alliances for integration, unification of efforts and maximization of resources, to support the development of the workforce and the economic development of our Local Area. This Mission is aligned with the expectation created by the WIOA Act with respect to enhancing the capacity of action of the Local Areas of Labor Development, avoiding duplication of services, overlapping responsibilities or the risks of conflict between the actions and the System Members. In turn, search increase the capacity of action in order to increase its impact on economic development, through the establishment of public policies and actions aimed at maximizing the available resources of the Partners of the System, in order to provide quality services that allow the development of a working force trained, trained, competitive and that meets the recruitment needs of the employers of the Local Area.
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