Phone Directory

Table Numbers: Administration


Table Numbers: GCU


Satellite Office  Las Marías


Name of the User, Position and Ext.

Anasteria Perez (Cutin), Administrator of Office Systems, 2400

Elizabeth Ponce, Receptionist,2401,2402

Lizmarie Mendez Lopez,Finance Director,2403

Evelyn Cruz,Paying Officer,2404

Ivonne Velez,Property,2405

Milagros Morales,Pre-Intervention,2406

Juan Mejia Maymi,Program Specialist,2407

Ines Torres,Contracts and document administration ,2408

Liz A. Prosper,Human Resources, 2409

Tomas Ivan Garcia,Monitor,2410

Maria Rodríguez,Interagency Coordinator,2411

Lazaro Rodríguez,Program technician,2412

Freddie Justiniano,Program technician,2413

Ricardo Rosas,Finances,2414 

Conference Room,2415,2416

Carmen Perez,Local Board,2417

Elizabeth Ponce,H1B funds,2418

Computer Lab,2419

Training room,2420

Rosana Dorestes,First Floor Reception,2421


Dessy Serrano,Promotions,2423

Damaris Rivera,Manager  CGU,2428

Elizabeth Aponte,Counselor,2429

Marta Souffront,Resources Center,2430

NancyGonzalez,RESEA Representative,2431

Brenda Nin,RESEA Representative,2438

Luis Ramírez,Title 1 career planner ,2432

Carmen Rivera,Ana Mercado,Lydia Cruz Tirado,Initial Evaluation,2435,2433,2434

Sol Vega,Ángel Cardona,ODASED Interviewer ,2436,2441

José R. Jiménez,Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DIVOP),2437

Frank López,Placement  officer,2439

-Program partners WIOA,(Placement, Promotions, H1B),2440

Luis Ponce,Agriculture Program,2442

Idelisa Ortiz,

Official Employer Relations,2443

Wioa Partner Programs,2444,2445,2446

Félix Rodríguez,Counselor,2447

Nilda Gisela Negrón,Employment Service Supervisor,2448


Employer and conference room,2450


Samuel Rodríguez,Interviewer(ODASED),2452

Hilda R. Renovales Cruz,Executive Director (CGU Office),2453,2460

Anibal Rodríguez Santiago,MIS / Planification(Oficina CGU),2454,2461

Local Board Fax,787-834-8015

 (CGU) Resource Center,787-834-8019

Finance Fax,787-834-8020

(TTY) Administration,787-834-8022

 (CGU) Resource Center Fax,787-834-8023,787-834-8028

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